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L'Armadillo Atelier 51r is located in a historic building in the heart of Florence, in via del Porcellana 51r, a few steps from the church of Santa Maria Novella and the railway station.


Inside the atelier there is the graphic arts laboratory and the exhibition area.


The activities organized by L'Armadillo are many: temporary exhibitions by italian and foreign artists, engraving and art courses and workshops, training courses, collaboration with associations and schools.


L'Armadillo also hosts cultural meetings, such as presentations and small group conferences.


Crossing the doorstep of L'Armadillo means entering an evocative artistic dimension that takes you back to the ancient workshops where art and crafts were learned, which made the city of Florence great. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the atelier is located in Via del Porcellana, known as the street where the great Master Sandro Botticelli was born, lived and worked.

The laboratory consists of:


Chalcographic presses:

2 Presses Bendini 73x150 cm

Press Gentile 50x100 cm

Press Terrazzini (torchio artigianale del 1978)

Press Martini 50x100 cm

Press Fome 27x40 cm

French lithographic press from the XIX century 60x80 cm


Proof press 50x120 cm

Proof press La Bondonia with two rollers 50x100 cm

Proof press 40x67 cm

Cast iron press Krause 56x56 cm

Cast iron press 22x28 cm

Steel press 29x29 cm

3 large work tables

3 medium work tables

2 inking benches

3 plate warming plates 50x70 cm

Plate warming plate 35x50 cm

Drying rack

Dryer for plates


Metal cutters 70x100 cm and 35x50 cm

2 small and 1 large cardboard cutters

Large passepartout machine

Registers for woodcuts (5 cm 50x70)

Aquatint box

10 Tanks for acid etching

Paper wetting tank 100x120 cm

Photographic enlargers


Presentation monitor

4 display cases

20 large rollers

20 small rollers

4 Berceau

Mezzotint bridge

Water wheel

Drills engravers

Gouges and tools for engraving


4 Lamps with magnifying glass

50 ph neutral cartons 70x100 cm

Zinc and copper plates

30 Lithographic stones 35x50 cm

20 Lithographic stones 50x70 cm


Become part of L'Armadillo!

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