The Armadillo Atelier 51r, established in 2015, is an association for social promotion, situated in a historic building in the heart of Florence, only a few steps away from the church of Santa Maria Novella.


It emerges from the desire of its founders, Gian Carlo Aiosa and Manuel Ortega, to share and transmit their vast experience and extensive skills as practicing graphic artists. As a result, their emphasis on tradition and experimentation merge to provide the possibility of learning and perfectioning the ancient chalcographic techniques while simultaneously providing learners a space to experiment and find new artistic expressions. Through its teaching, coming both from italian and international teachers, the Armadillo Atelier reinforces its goal, which is to promote the philosophy of participation and sharing of knowledge among artists and learners.


In its neighbourly environment, which resembles that of the traditional Tuscan bottega, intercultural exchanges and interactions from all over the world flourish. Its space offers exhibitions, courses, workshops, masterclasses, all seeking to allow participants to emerge themselves in their craft.


The Armadillo Atelier also provides professional training courses in collaboration with other cultural associations and academic institutions.


The laboratory consists of:

Chalcographic presses:
2 "Bendini "73x150 cm

1 "Gentile" 50x100 cm

1 "Terrazzini" (artisan press from 1978)

1 " Martini" 50x100 cm

1 French lithographic press from the XIX century 60x80 cm


Proof presses:

1 50x120 cm

1 "La Bondonia" with two rollers 50x100 cm

1 40x67 cm



1 cast iron Krause 56x56 cm

1 cast iron 22x28 cm

1 steel 29x29 cm


1 drying rack

1 desk for work

1 ceramic lathe

1 oven for firing ceramic products


In addition, the atelier provides instruments such as lithographic stones, zinc and copper plates, diverse materials for carving, magnifying glasses, among other things.

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