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L'Armadillo Atelier periodically organizes intensive monothematic workshops which usually take place on weekends.


The workshops can cover both engraving techniques and other artistic techniques, giving members the opportunity to know or deepen a single topic in a short time.


The management is entrusted both to internal teachers and to Italian and foreign artists or professionals, hosted by LArmadillo, to share their artistic skills and the secrets of their art with the participants.


They are limited in number and are activated upon reaching a minimum number of registrations.


To participate in the workshops it is necessary to become a member of L'Armadillo. Info>

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tenuto da Mila Scatena

Laboratorio sulla tecnica del tombolo

Il laboratorio ha una durata di 12 ore

Orari: venerdì 14.00-18.00

sabato 9.30-18.30 con un'ora di pausa pranzo


€ 100,00 materiali forniti

Per frequentare i corsi dell’Armadillo è necessario sottoscrivere la tessera socio al costo di € 15,00 valida fino a dicembre 2024.

Posti limitati.

Richiesto il 50% al momento dell'iscrizione.

Info e iscrizioni:

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